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2 years ago

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Yesterday I felt a little extra needed, and entered one of the few local Loos, which are still open, and left in a taxi and went, and I realized that the next man masturbating. looked through a small hole in the partition, so I let him see he was naked, and he was a xporn piece of paper on the wall with a note that asked me what I like. I replied that I like a man to cum all over me, especially if it is a serious Cummer. He said he was 63, and although she was only 6 inches, which is always plenty of runs, and was about to end. I said I prefer older men, especially if taken dominant, y. I said open the door, and kneel, and I did. "Do not move," he said when he opened the door, and began to masturbate very quickly, until about 6 or 7 spurts of hot juice splashed me running in the chest, shoulders and belly, and a beam landing of milk ran down my spine. Âșit wiped his cock in me, so I was completely covered in hot sticky juice beautiful. I did not know was - another man was watching from near xporn the entrance, but I was not worried when I went through a major erection in your hands. His cock was much bigger, xporn and he said : " You want xporn something more" and, of xporn course, I said " yes please " The first man went to the door to watch, while the other man, it must have been about 60 years, but it was much heavier in construction stood before me and asked me suck his cock first. I began xporn to suck slowly, his mouth full, that was very thick and about 9 inches long. xporn After a few minutes repeatedly said "come on, suck me faster than that", and I realized he was about to end. pulled out of my mouth and pumped away 4 or 5 blood smears from me and then forced his huge cock back into my mouth and told me to suck dry, so clean it, and left. The first man came back and went to the authorities veryauthority, and said - " do not suck oi, ie you have" - I said "no, it's too late? " " No, you can now start "... was almost hard again, so xporn I took his cock in my mouth and sucked about 10 minutes, and although it was much smaller, it was very hard. He always told me : " You make me not want to" When I caught my breath, I said, " Yes, I'm, I'm not " " No, I mean really," said " Get up, "he said, then turned around. " Now bend to keep the toilet seat," he demanded, " I'll give you what for " n He put his cock in the ass, all the way and somehow seemed much larger than 6 cm, but if there were no they fuck for ages. I asked him to start small, and did so in a while, but after a minute he began to fuck like crazy. I said I wanted to cum in me this time, and told me of the first load shot me and I think I'll enjoy it more. "You have a nice tight ass, I like that," he said, and told me that his controlHahn, as I feel cum. I was a little scared, but there was nothing they could do about it, I had to use. I heard when he began to pump his sperm into my groaning him, I felt in the bowels fooding ike an electric current. " That's better, " he said, " make sure you are here next week if you want more," and then left me there. I closed the door xporn and sat on the toilet seat and masturbated me xporn to cum all over my belly to add sticky. I hope that next week, hoping to appear !

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